“Cicchetti” – Venice most delicious traditional snacks and the ‘Cicchetti bars’ you may want to go

Venice is a world famous for its unique beauty and charm, its magnificent St Mark’s square, romantic canals and gondolas.  People who have been there also know of the exorbitant prices from food to gondola rides. Unfortunately most of the time the price of food does not commensurate with the quality. Recently a Milanese friend complained that he has paid €15 for an inedible pizza near the St Mark’s square. However, if you know where to go, you could spend as little as €10 for a fulfilling lunch.

All of the local Venetian know about the cicchetti bar. Cicchetti (pronounced as chi-ket-tee ) is a tradition snack for venetian. It is similar to ‘tapas’ in Spain. The cicchetti are meat or seafood or vegetables on top of  small pieces of bread or polenta (made from corn). Locals eat then for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

There are many cicchetti bars all around Venice and cicchetti are served from 10 am to 7 pm. The price of cicchetti is €1 – €2.50 per piece and wine is €2.50 – €3.50 per glass.

Once you enter a cicchetti bar, you will see all different kinds of cicchetti on the counter and prices of food and wine are clearly displayed on the wall. You can then order whatever you want from the barman (or ‘point’ if you don’t speak italian). You can then eat around the counter or at nearby standing countertops. If you choose to sit at tables, there will be a cover charge of €1 – €2 per person. You will pay at the cashier after you finish.

various cicchetti

There are varies types of cicchetti and my personal favorite is the “baccalà mantecato” ( creamy codfish). In fact, I can eat 4 – 5 baccalà mantecato cicchetti at a time and I have eaten it everyday for lunch last time when I was in Venice ( for 4 consective days :P)

My favorite 'baccala mantecato'

Here are a few of the ‘osteria’ which I recommend for cicchetti :-

  • Ostaria dai Zemei  –  Sestiere San Polo 1045, 30125 Venice

cichetti in paper napkins

This small bar is owned by a pair of twins Franco and Giovanni. On top of the bar counter you can see many pictures of various twins. This bar is close to the Rialto bridge.


  • Osteria La Patatina –  S. Polo 2741/A Calle Saoneri

This is a small local restaurant in San Polo area. It serves lunch and dinner aside from cicchetti. The food is simple but tasty. If you are looking for more romantic, sophisticated and refined dining, then this is not the place for you.



  • Osteria al Portego – Calle della Malvasia

This is a cosy little restaurant/ bar not far from Rialto bridge. They have good cicchetti and serve lunch and dinner as well. This place is usually packed with locals. Like all other cicchetti bars, the food and wines prices are clearly listed on the wall.

2nd entrance


appetizers from counter


wine list w/ prices

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