Milan Seafood restaurant / bar – Da Claudio

I have been told by some of my ‘Milanese’ friends that “Da Claudio” is a great place for good seafood, especially when you want a fast, good quality but reasonably priced lunch.


“Da Claudio” is in Via Cusani, 1 (Brera area) and is 10 mins walk from the Castle. It is like 2 mins walk from the metro stop Cairoli. You can actually spot it from afar as the whole restaurant is with tall glass windows in which the interior is totally visible from the outside. Inside you will find stainless steel bar counter tops with white paper mats for customers to dine on and there is no seat at all. (that is why it is more a seafood bar for me ) If you prefer to sit down and relax, you may need to go to their 1st floor which is a restaurant. ( I did not try their restaurant so I cannot comment)


long counter by the window

If you are eating by yourself, you can choose a place by the window and have a street view rather than looking at other customers inside the restaurant.

On one side is a long seafood counter with a display of all the fresh seafood that is available. Like other coffee bar or fast food cafe, you first order and pay for your food from the cashier then take the receipt and get the food from the counter. (you can just point to whatever you want even if you don’t speak italian 😉 )

cashier by the seafood counter

display of fresh seafood

The price is quite reasonable with ‘Insalata di mare’ ( cooked seafood appetizer ) and ‘Polpo alla Catalana’ ( cooked octopus salad ) both at €12 respectively and ‘Piatto Ostriche’ ( oyster plate – 3pcs ) at €10 and ‘Ostriche Belon’ (Belon Oyster) at €5.50 each.

We ordered ‘Misto Crudo’ ( raw salmon, sea bass, cod and shrimps ) at €12.50, ‘Piatto Mediterraneo’ ( 4 types of seasoned and marinated seafood ) at €13.50, “Tris di Pistacchio” ( tuna, salmon, hake with soy bean sauce and pistachio ) at €13.50 and ‘Polpo alla Catalana’ (octopus) and each plate comes with a small glass of prosecco (italian sparkling white wine).

'Misto Crudo' with a glass of prosecco

Piatto Mediterraneo

'Polpo alla Catalana'

'Tris di Pistacchio'

Marinated Salmon by the counter

The seafood is all very fresh and I liked the salmon with pistachio and octopus salad very much. They are both very creative dishes and different from the usual way of cooking ( or seasoning ). It is more “Nobu” (Japanese fusion restaurant) type of cuisine. As for the ‘Misto Crudo’ raw fish, I found it kind of bland even though it was fresh.

Overall, I like the clean, bright, refreshing environment and the freshness of the seafood. I will definitely come back when I want a quick, nice lunch especially when I am alone. :)

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