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Many tourists have been to Venice and the nearby islands like Murano, Lido etc. but it seems that not that many people have heard of Chioggia. It is a small town located in the island south of Venice and has a population of around 50,000 of which the main industry is fishing.

There are several ways of going to Chioggia. There is a train going from Venice to Chioggia, a bus leaving from Piazzale Roma or you can take the vaporetto to Lido, then take the bus to Pellestrina and from Pellestrina, its a 25 mins ferry ride to Chioggia. The whole journey from Lido to Chioggia takes more than an hour but it is a scenic ride along the coast, so it is pretty enjoyable. ( it was quite an experience for me as the bus actually went onto a ferry for going to Pellestrina :) ) Furthermore, this beautiful town and its fresh, delicious seafood well worth the traveling time.

Bus carrying passengers going onto the ferry to Pellestrina

small fishing huts near Chioggia


port of Chioggia

As the ferry approaching the port of Chioggia, you will see many yachts and sail boats and flock of seagulls hovering in the sky. Once you get off the ferry, you will find a wide main street of the town named Corso del Popolo. Then there are canals both on the left and right of the main street.

main street "Corso del Popolo"

Canale Vena

Big and small fishing boats

As I walked down the main street and wandered onto various canals area, I sensed the simple unpretentious beauty of Chioggia. It can not be compared with the refined, sophisticated canals of Venice, but its rustic, relaxed ambiance is most enchanting.

Fishermen at work

Fishermen checking fishing net


peaceful afternoon by the canal

Due to its strategic position, Chioggia is well known for its fresh seafood. We went to a restaurant called “Al Bersagliere” which is a little restaurant off the main street. We saw quite a few local people going in there, so it was a good sign. The inside decoration is simple yet elegant.



The restaurant has a tasting menu of €35 and €45 respectively. For the €35 menu there is seafood platter, tagliolini pasta with shrimps and small squids, mixed seafood grill, vegetables, dessert and coffee. The €45 menu consist of lagoon shrimps with polenta, crabmeat in shell, shrimps risotto, oven baked turbot fillet with potatoes,homemade dessert and coffee.

The hot appetizer ranges from €7 for sardines to €30 for lobster and cold appetizer from €15 to €20. Pasta dishes is from €8 for spaghetti w/live clams to €18 for a fish soup. Main course ranges from €13 for grilled sole to €80 for a kg of grilled sea bass. They also indicated in the menu which ingredients are fresh and which are frozen.

We ordered the raw seafood platter, crab meat in shell and fried calamari. The seafood was very fresh and the calamari was well made.  Food was like 60 – 70 % of the price in Venice but quality was definitely amongst the top. Service was efficient although there was hardly any smile. It did not bother us as we wanted a quick and good quality lunch since we had to catch the 13:50 ferry back to Pellestrina then to San Marco.

Raw seafood platter

crab meat in shell


As we went to Chioggia on a monday and there were quite a lot shops and restaurants being closed. After lunch we took a short walk around the town and found that it was almost deserted.  It was quite a change of scene from the busy streets in Venice.

Bell tower & church

torre campanile

beautiful reflection in the canal

deserted street

If you ever go to Venice, I would highly recommend that you take a full day trip (or 2 days if you could afford the time) to Chioggia and I am sure that you would be captivated by its uncomplicated charm and beauty as it did to me.















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