Milan Restaurant “Osteria Il Grifo Nero”

” Il Grifo Nero” – is an osteria / tavern in Milan. ‘Grifo’ means snout in English and the restaurant uses a wild boar as their signature image. It is in via Solari 12.


The interior decoration is mainly of wood and it does give you a feeling of traditional italian tavern. As their name and signature image suggest, their specialities are meat dishes. They have a huge variety of prosciutto (ham), such as prosciutto iberico (iberian),  prosciutto di cinghiale (wild boar) , culatello ( a refined prosciutto made from legs of the pigs ), speck ( another kind of ham produced in north mountain area ), la bresaola di bisonte (dried buffalo meat), coppa ( ham from pig shoulder ), il salame di cervo ( vension cold cut )  and many more. My favorite is the ‘focaccia con coppa’ (ham on white pizza bread ) and ‘crostini con salami’ ( toasted bread w/ sausage).

When in season, they have wild boar (cinghiale) fillet or ragu style w/ spaghetti, ox (bue) steak or tartare, venison (cervo) w/spaghetti, hare (lepre)w/ pasta, veal (vitello) and lamb (agnello). For the past 2 years that I have been in Milan, this is the only restaurant I could find that served wild boar and ox (usually in winter time). Their wild boar pasta is extremely tasty.

They also have black truffles (when in season) w/pasta. The pasta are all freshly made and are always cooked to perfection. (many people have the misconception thinking that ‘al dente’ means under cook and the centre kinda raw but in fact, it should be just cooked, not raw, not soggy)

spaghetti w black truffles

This restaurant does serve seafood as well but I can’t comment on it as I have never tried it ( afterall I come here for the meat). Apparently they are also well known for their pizzas and their large traditional oven and grill area is visible through the glass window as you first walked into the restaurant. They have quite a variety of cheeses and desserts. I would not suggest you have any dessert because I think they taste rather awful although they do look good from the outside. 😛

For the wine connoisseurs, they do have a wide selection of wines from regions all over Italy.

Their price is quite reasonable with appetizers (antipasti) cost around €10 and first and second courses (primi e secondi) around €20 and dessert around €7.

This is also one of the few restaurants that open in the month of August and also during festive season. They are closed only on Mondays. Their opening hours are 12:00 – 14:30 and 19:30 – 23:00. This is a medium size restaurant w/ about 80 seats so normally it is not necessary to make reservations except on special occasions like Christmas and Easter. Their tel no. is 02 48007104 and you can take the metro line 2 (green) and stop at S.Agostino (about 15 to 20 mins walk) or tram 14.

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