Sightseeing in Trieste – Castello di Miramare

Trieste is not a big city and you can do all sightseeing leisurely in a couple of days. I have spent 5 months in Trieste, so I pretty much did most of the things that a tourist would have or should have done. I will give you some suggestion as to the ‘must go’ places.

Miramare castle stands out from afar

First and foremost , “Castello di Miramare” – Miramare Castle.  Miramare castle was the residence of Ferdinand Maximilian and his wife Charlotte. Maximilian was the son of the Austrian King and Charlotte was the daughter of the Belgium King. Maximilian was the Admiral of the Austrian navy and he found this place in Trieste during one of his sea voyage and was taken by its beauty. So he purchased the land and started building his castle in 1856.

To go to Miramare castle , you can take the number 36 bus. There are 2 stops and you can choose whichever one you prefer, one is in Piazza Oberdan and another stop is across the central train station ( if you are facing the train station, then cross the road to your right hand side. The whole bus journey takes around 20 mins and like all other Italian cities, you do have to purchase the ticket beforehand and have to validate/ stamp the ticket while you board the bus.

On the route you will see the seashore on your left and people swimming or sunbathing on the side of the road. The Miramare castle stands out from afar at the seafront. Then you have to pay attention as the bus starts to go uphill. When you see the 147 sign on the left or the Miramare sign on the right , then it is the stop you need to get off.

when you see this sign on the right , then you need to get off the bus

You can always stay close to the driver and ask him to remind you to get off at the right stop. I find that this is the easiest way to do but of course it will help if you speak some italian . After you get off the bus, you need to cross the road and go down the stairs (about 100 :) ), turn right and walk straight ahead.

go down the stairs and turn right

You will see signs that read “Parco di Miramare” – Miramare park.

Map of the Miramare Park
The property of Miramare consist of a big park with fountains, ponds and sculptures. The red circle is the castle.

The entrance fee for the Miramare castle is €6 and for EU citizen aged 18 – 25 is €4 with the ID card or student card. Age under 18 and over 65 is free entrance. If you buy the Trieste sightseeing card, then entrance fee is included.  The audio guide is €3.50 and the narration/explanation last for around an hour.  Actually you do not need the audio guide as there are explanations and information written in English in each and every room. (I could have save €3.50.


Private Pier of Miramare

View from the window of the Miramare castle

The first room on the ground floor that you enter is the bedroom of Maximilian and it is a single bedroom ( it is kind of strange for me as this prince was married . Maybe he needed his own ‘Space’!). Since he was the admiral of the Austrian navy, the room is decorated in the style of a navy ship cabin. It is all in light blue with minimal furniture and decoration. If you look out from the window in his bedroom, you will see the blue sky and the sea, exactly as you will see from a ship. The library is filled with books from the early 19th century ,  all from the original collection of Maximilian. The whole of the ground floor is decorated in light blue colour.

The main color scheme for the first floor is red and there are Chinese room and Japanese room. guest reception area and the Throne room. The walls of the Chinese room were decorated with silk tapestry from China and numerous antiques vases, sculptures and ornaments were displayed on shelves. There is also a Chinese chessboard in the centre of the room. The Japanese room is rather small comparing to the Chinese room ( about half the size) and it was used  as a ‘smoking room’ and mainly for entertaining guests.

Unfortunately Maximilian had never seen the first floor as he was shot and killed in Mexico before the completion of the first floor. ( this poor guy had never slept in his red beautiful luxurious bed which was a gift from the Pope Pius IX. )

There is a huge park in this Miramare complex  ( 45 acres ) and inside there are fountains, ponds, green houses and gardens. I will suggest that you go during the summer time ( June, July, August, September) so that you will see the beautiful garden with flowers and vegetation. I went in the month of March and everything was either frozen or dead. :(

Nice view from the Miramare park

In the summer months it will be nice to take a nice long stroll in the garden complex and relax and admire the beauty of this place. There is also a small coffee shop in the garden area but it is only opened in the summer months.

The whole visit of Miramare could be finished within 2 hours and if you follow the seaside road and walk towards the city centre ( 15 – 20 mins ) , you will see quite a number of restaurants where you can have your lunch or dinner.



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