Trieste is in Friuli Veneziz Giulia region and it is about an hour and a half from Venice. So if you are going to Venice, it will be nice to visit this lovely little town for a couple of days.

Trieste is famous for its long seaside promenade and because of its vicinity to Slovenia ( 40 mins away by car ) , Croatia ( 30 mins away ) and Austria ( 3-4 hrs away), many tourists from these 3 countries go to Trieste during the summer months.

view from the seaside promenade


Trieste port in town centre

Trieste is also well known for its bora especially during the winter season. Bora is the strong adriatic wind from northern or northeastern part of Europe. Generally bora has a wind speed of 140km to 160 km per hour but could go up to over 200 km per hour.

Few months ago in February 2012, during the Eastern European cold wave, the shoreline in Trieste froze up and snow piled up after a 150 km/h bora plummeted the temperature to -14 degrees celsius, with waves of 7 metres.

snowy port in March 2012

Two weeks ago, July 15, 2012, there was a bora of 90 km/ h but luckily it only lasted for 2 days.

Getting to Trieste is pretty simple, the easiest and most economical way is to take the train. There are frequent trains running from Venice directly to Trieste. The whole journey takes slightly more than an hour and from the train station to the town centre where Piazza L’Unita and tourist information office are situated is only 15 – 20 mins walk.

If you decide to fly into Trieste, there is the number 51 bus running from airport to town and the bus stop is right beside the central train station. The taxi ride from airport to town is about 30 mins and cost around 50 euro.

If you drive into Trieste, it will be better to park at Molo 4 which is 2 mins away from the train station as there are not that many parking spaces in town centre.

Trieste is not a big town so you could almost walk everywhere. Taking the Central train station as an arrival point, when you get out from the train station, simply walk straight ahead, you will find the seaside on your right and will arrive Piazza l’unita in 15- 20 mins (on your left hand side). Look for the Hotel Duchi D’Aosta which is the only hotel in the Piazza and you will find the Tourist Information Center right across.

You can get a good size map and information on various sightseeing places as well as lists of restaurants from the office. If you are a coffee lover, you can also buy a coffee tasting booklet “Trieste in tazzina” for 3 euro which enables you to have 6 cups of coffee (whatever type you want) in various cafeteria and coffee bars stated inside the booklet. There are 6 stamps inside the booklet as form of payment for the coffee and you can ask the bar to stamp on the booklet so you will know which coffee bar you have been to. But please be aware that the booklet is good for 48 hours from the time of purchased. For coffee addict like me, this is not a problem.

Not that many people are aware that the Italian coffee brand “Illy” has their only headquarter and factory in Trieste and also one of the two Coffee University is in Trieste (the other one is in Naples). So there is a long coffee culture in this little town.

It will be really nice to spend 3 or 4 days in Trieste,  to visit Miramare, La Grotta (the big cave), walk around the porto area, Castello di San Giusto ( San Giusto castle), canal area and visit the Civico Museo Revoltella ( Museum Revoltella). Of course if you have more time, you can visit the nearby cities e.g. Aquileia, Cividale and Udine.

I will talk about all these places which I have been to in Trieste ( for all the 6 months I have been there) as well as the lovely nearby cities.





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  1. Oana says:

    Thank you for the coffee-related info! Very useful :) Is there a nice beach near the Miramare Castle? For what I have found on the internet, the closest beach to Trieste is Sisitiana. Thanks& cheers Oana

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