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Hong Kong has a reputation of ‘Gourmet and Shopping paradise’, one can easily find cuisines from all around the world and prices that suit everybody. We have the expensive michelin stars restaurants which cost at least USD200 / €150 (not counting the wine) per person and we also have cheap chinese cafes which cost only USD4 / €3 per person. If you opt for a fast and delicious meal and do not mind the noisy, uncomfortable environment and the sloppy service,  you may find yourself in a most economical ‘food paradise’!

The “Australian Diary Company” is a perfect example of these kind of cheesy cafes. I must forewarn you, this is not a place for you if you are looking for good service and nice ambiance. In fact, it is crowded, noisy and with service close to non-existent. But the place is clean and their eggs and toasts are absolutely top notch. I always go there when I want a fast, late lunch especially when I am alone. Although most of the time, there is a long queue outside of this cafe, the queue moves pretty quickly as people seldom linger inside, everyone tends to ‘eat and go’.

As this place is always crowded, very often you will be asked to ‘share’ table with strangers. Waiters will write down the amount of your order on a small piece of paper and will leave it on your table. You will then take this paper to the cashier by the entrance to pay after you have finished your meal. Sometimes you may have to ask for the paper if it is not given to you in the beginning. There is no service charge in this place and it is not necessary to leave a tip. (maybe this is why they do not give any service :P)

The Australian Diary is originally famous for their ‘steamed milk and egg white’ custard dessert and steamed egg custard (chinese style creme brulee without the brown crust) but throughout the years, their scrambled eggs and toasts become their most liked items.

Open kitchen where the steamed milk custard and steamed egg custard puddings are prepared


There are 3 set menus in this cafe, breakfast set, tea set and all day set. Breakfast is served from 7:30am to noon and the menu consist of thick buttered toast, 2 fried eggs, macaroni with ham in soup and coffee or tea. It costs only HK$26 / US$3.5 / €2.5. The tea set menu is made up with thick buttered toast, fried or scrambled eggs with ham, macaroni or spaghetti with ham or ‘cha siu’ (roast pork)in soup, coffee or tea and costs HK$30 / US$4 / €3. The tea set is served from noon to 11pm. The all day set is the same price as the breakfast set and it has thick buttered toast, fried eggs and hot or cold milk. If you would like iced coffee or tea, then you will have to pay an extra HK$2 / US$0.30 / €0.20.

Three set menus are being hanged on the wall. The Blue one is the breakfast set menu, the Green one is the Tea set and the Red one is the all day set.

The same menu is placed on the table under the glass.

There are other selections on the a la carte menu like sandwiches and omelettes which cost from HK$14 / US$1.70 / €1.30 to HK$28 / US$3.5 / €2.50. As everything is written in Chinese and the waiters hardly speak any English, it will be better if you can get someone (maybe from the hotel) to write down your order in chinese characters. 

Menus are all hanged on the walls and placed under the glass top on the tables, so you will not get an individual one.



Their scrambled eggs are always soft and tasty and so are their toasts. I do think the quality is better than many 5 stars hotel.

If you would like to try some good, clean and cheap local eateries, the Australian Diary will be one of the good choices.

This cafe is in 47 Parkes Street, Kowloon and it is 3 mins walk from the Jordon MTR exit.



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