Bangkok 3 and 4 stars hotels review

There are many 4 stars hotels in Bangkok which offer good services and many of them are in good location. If you are not spending a lot of time in your hotel room, then you don’t really to stay in a big hotel with a huge hotel room especially when you are paying the hotel bills out of your own pocket.

I have stayed in a few 3 and 4 stars hotels in Bangkok which I spent only 1- 3 nights in. So the cleanliness and comfort of the room and location of the hotel are on the top of my priority list. These hotels usually have rates from USD70 – USD150 per night.



Siam@Siam Design Hotel – This is the first 4 stars hotel I stayed in back in 2008 and judging from the hotel name, you will notice it is not the usual type of hotel. This hotel is fun and used a lot of bold colors in the decoration. For example, the hotel ground floor is bar / cafe and concierge and has bookshelves (fake of course) and an antique car as decoration and the elevator doors on one floor were painted red with 2 eyes. 

This hotel is only 3 mins walk to the sky train station and its 5 mins walk to MBK shopping centre. The room is clean but not very well lit so it may not be the ideal place if you want to read a book before you sleep. There is free wifi in the room but no LCD tv (this is a huge minus in 2011). They also have rooms with 3 beds (not sofa beds), so it will be ideal when you are in a small group. The swimming pool is small rectangular infinity pool next to the check in counter on the fourth floor so you have a view of the city. They also have a roof top bar. 


small tv above the desk

bathroom with open window to bedroom

Bookshelves decoration on ground floor


antique car beside concierge desk in lobby

lift to roof terrace


swimming pool


Grand Millennium Sukhumvit Hotel – Nice 4 star hotel in Sukhumvit area (some people said it is 5 stars but I cannot agree). I do not particularly like the hotel area as it is close to the adult entertainment area (ok, red light district). Guess for some people this might be perfect. It is a good walk of at least 10 mins to the sky train.The room is spacious with all glass bathroom ( curtain to close ). Wifi cost around US$18 a day unless you upgrade to their club floors. It is not worth getting a US$30 breakfast unless it is included in the room rates.



SilQ Bangkok – This is a small 3 star hotel in Sukhumvit area. Although this is not a new hotel, many taxi drivers still do not know of it. So it will be better if you download the hotel address in thai and also the telephone number. (nowadays, taxi drivers usually call to find out the exact location) The hotel is not too far away to BTS sky train station with 7-8 mins walk. Room is clean with all basic amenities and free wifi. Breakfast is ‘ok’ and is included in the room rates. I remember I paid something like USD80 a night but personally I prefer hotels closer to sky train station.


Park Plaza Sukhumvit Hotel – This hotel is very close to Asoke BTS station, its like a 3mins walk. This hotel is opened in 2010 and is clean and nicely decorated. The room has a glass wall bathroom which has a white curtain, should you prefer more privacy. However, I do have a big problem with this because I was traveling with a female friend and when she went to the bathroom in the early morning or middle of the night, the bright light in the bathroom woke me up as there were huge gaps in between the white curtain of the bathroom and there is no night light or any dimmer light. I have stayed in a few hotels with glass bathroom walls and curtains but never once encounter any similar problem. Moreover, there is no individual light switch by the bed, so when I checked the time of my watch by bedside, I turned on all the main lights in the room. I don’t know if they have improved this situation as I stayed in this hotel back in June 2010 when they first opened.

The hotel also have slippers supplied in the room but unlike other hotels which slippers are complimentary, they will charge you around US$8 for a pair. ( I took a pair to Cambodia :( )


Oakwood Residence Bangkok – This is a service apartment opposite Emporium Shopping centre. They have studio room, 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms. Room is clean but shows signs of aging. Service is good like most hotels in Bangkok and the hotel is a pretty close to sky train. However, with all the new service apartment and hotels in Bangkok, I would not consider staying here unless I get a really really GREAT deal. 



Emporium suites – This is the service apartment above the Emporium shopping centre. But strangely enough, there is no direct access to the mall. You will have to exit the hotel to the street level before you can get to the mall. Their clientele is mainly Japanese. I stayed in this hotel for almost 2 years ago and I have never stayed there again. I remember that the room was full of cigarette smell and carpets were dirty but I was told that they have been renovating and upgrading their rooms a couple of months ago. I would also suggest that you try to ask for free wifi as their wifi charges are high.


On 8 Sukhumvit – This is a small hotel right under the bridge of the BTS sky train station. The room is clean and not too small. Bathroom, towels and linens are clean and there is LCD tv in the room. You have free wifi and breakfast. Breakfast is decent and service in their one and only small restaurant is good. There is no pool in the hotel. It is the cheapest hotel that I have stayed in , I paid only USD70 a night. Their clientele is mainly asian.

The small cafe



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