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A big hello to all of you ! This is Alba from Milan.  I am originally from Hong Kong, but graduated in the United States while my family lives in Australia.  I have been living in Milan for 2 years, but I go back to Hong Kong whenever I can.  After all, I still consider Hong Kong my home .

I love my life! I enjoy good times with friends and family, and all sorts of delicious food and dessert.  Oh yes, I love to eat and try all different kinds of cuisine – especially dessert!  Like all females, I do worry about becoming a fat ass so I try to exercise every now and then (it is just too easy to find an excuse not to do it ) or try out new slimming treatments.

Another thing that I absolutely love is traveling.  I have loved going to different countries or places since I was a kid.  I took my first solo trip when I was 16.  It was a 2 week trip to Italy and France. Since then I have had numerous trips alone.  It is perfectly OK for females to travel alone, if you use your common sense and follow a few ground rules.  For example, staying at hotels in safer areas, keeping your passport in the hotel safe deposit box and only bringing out the photocopy. It also means you need to do more homework before your trip.

In my blog, I will talk about good local restaurants in various cities and countries (names that you do not find on big websites), some of the places that I have visited and the fun things that you can do there.  If you are a single female and wish to travel alone, it will be useful.  It will definitely save you a lot of time researching.

As I am fluent in spoken and written English, Chinese and Italian, and quite familiar with a large number of cities, I would be more than happy to help you in any travel-related areas. Do drop me a note or any comment !

Now… sit back, relax and read on 😉


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